Key Achievements

Together we have achieved great outcomes in our local community in recent years. Our key achievements include:

  • Revitalising the Watsonia shopping precinct through streetscape and car parking upgrades. We have delivered 45 extra car parking spaces opposite the Watsonia RSL to improve parking for residents and shoppers;

  • Delivering new, modern and multipurpose facilities at Telfer Reserve and Loyola Reserve;

  • Building a bike path from Plenty Road to Watsonia Station under the powerline easement. The bike path will be completed in the next Council term;

  • Renovating the Watsonia Library so it continues to service residents of all ages for many years to come;

  • Renovating all four preschools in the Grimshaw Ward – Watsonia, Watsonia North, Bundoora and Warrawee Park;
  • Enhancing our local parks and reserves with improvements delivered at Binnak Park, Greenwood Reserve and Aminya Reserve. If elected for another term we will transform the Redmond Court wetland;

  • Upgrading our local community assets with major facility improvements delivered at Watsonia Neighbourhood House, Watsonia Community Hall, Bundoora Concord Playgroup, the Bundoora Bowls' Club and the Bundoora Community Hall;

  • Enhancing our local sporting assets with a new multipurpose facility at Yulong Reserve, new lighting and fencing at AK Lines Reserve and new lights at the Bundoora Bowls' Club; and

  • Delivering real job opportunities for those who need them most in our community.

I am particularly proud of the Banyule Jobs and Social Enterprise Program. This program provides jobs to young people in Banyule who have disabilities or are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Since its inception in July 2018, this program has created 50 jobs and is on track for over 100 jobs by June 2021. Please contact me directly if you, or your family, are interested in learning about this world class program.

Photo 1 - Rick & David